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Reading and writing are the building blocks of education. The Learning Journal teaches reading, writing, and comprehension in a simple 20-30 minute daily lesson. A parent's involvement is crucial to any child's learning process. The Learning Journal works on the basic concept of writing letters, words, and sentences. Reading and understanding what has been written completes the circle of learning. Compliments any homeschooling program.

Education has become one of our nation's foremost concerns. Learn what skills your child should be mastering in grades K-3 and how you as a parent can see that they are learning the concepts that will carry them to higher education. Jump start your homeschooling program.


  Homeschooling, reading, writing, comprehension, preschool, kindergarten, learning,
 journal, children, children's books   Culleen Glover's 35 years of K-3 teaching experience created this journal to help her grandson Robert with his reading and writing. Homeschooling is an important suppliment to those attending a regular school.


  All 50 states allow homeschooling. Some states are more stringent than others about homeschooling and may require that the homeschooling parent be a certified teacher or at least college-educated. Other states are more lax concerning homeschooling; not even asking that homeschooling parents have any training or education at all. Homeschooling can be a much needed supplement to those attending school. A variety of materials and resources are important to keep homeschooling fun and interesting. Homeschooling is just another word for an involved parent; whether the child's homeschooling is in addition to a public school curriculum or not.


  The homeschooling Learning Journal is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced, printed, or photocopied without permission.




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